following principles are considered as basements of our club:

Our club is a community of interests, administered democratically.
This works only, if members behave kindly and with respect, mainly have the same aims and visions, and team up.

  1. Our name is a commitment:
    We want to have as much "magical" moments as possible.
  2. We respect the main square dance principles:
    friendship, kindness, tolerance.
  3. We want challenging, varied dancing (DBD).
  4. We want to have fun at dancing and beyond.
  5. We want to carry forward the idea of square dance, and will recruit and train new dancers. Therefore we will have public presentations.
  6. Square dance and our club eves should be something special (magic moments) and differ from the everyday life.
  7. Anyone should attend to the club life as actively and regularily as possible, and engage in agreed labor.
  8. Beyond dancing we want to have further concerted activities (walking-tours, club weekends, excursions, xmas party, ... ).

Friendship Ring

  Original text

  Translation Karl Koll sen. / Munich

let's all join hands in friendship
for everyone to see
remember that a stranger
is just a friend to be (/ to me)
hold fast your hands in friendship
for many years to come
this friendship ring will always bring
good fun for everyone

reicht euch die Hand in Freundschaft
ein jeder sieht es dann
dass auch für dich ein Fremder
der beste Freund sein kann
halt' fest die Hand in Freundschaft
für lange, lange Zeit
dass dieser Ring euch immer bring'
viel Spaß und auch viel Freud'

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