magic moments

... is name and demand of the Square Dance club Herbrechtingen.
This club was foundet at 30th November 2008. (Club principles)

We can be hired for performance.
Our demos are always worth seeing and audiolicious.

At our club evenings we dance at level mainstream (MBD).
We are open to guest-dancers from all square dance clubs.

We dance (irregularily) on
Friday from 8 PM
in the foyer of the Wartberg school,
thus please contact in advance.

Wartberg school
Donauschwaben­strasse 4
89542 Herbrechtingen

Active Caller: varying (cf. dates)
1st Clubmagician: Mark Rechmann
Clubpresident: Ernst Mayer


foundation members:
upper row: rosi, moni, karl, hans, bruni, gabriele, richard
in the front: mark, andrea, uwe, ernst

the magic moments are
represented on facebook too

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