clubabend am 29. oktober 2010 /
club eve at 29th october 2010

Clubabend und Class, heute bei Gastcaller Marcus Runft. – Und nicht nur unsere Students lernten heute etwas, die Members bekamen eine Introduction in "Real Hexagon Squares". /
Club eve and class, this time with guest caller Marcus Runft. – Not only our students were learning this eve, the members got an introduction to Real Hexagon "Squares".

squaring up with our students

our today caller

Aller Anfang ist schwer / All beginnings are difficult ...:
"swing" ist wie Rollerfahren in Standardtanz-Haltung mit Hüftkontakt / "swing" is like scooting in ballroom dance posture with hip contact ...

"Y-oceanwaves" (Hexagon)

"centers square thru" (Hexagon)

"columns" (Hexagon)

"Schlumpf" Marcus

"Delta-oceanwaves" (Hexagon)

Weblinks über "Real Hexagons" / Further Reading on "Real Hexagons"

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